The director

Sara Cartas has a journey of more than 15 years in the world of dance. Even before starting her university education, she was already working as a dance teacher in Sant Cugat. He began his law studies in 2009 and upon completion, he moved to Paris to work in the field of Human Resources.

With a great talent for dealing with people, he enjoyed that stage, but he quickly saw that his vocation was education. Hence, he decided to carry out his studies in Teaching in 2018.

She is currently a primary school teacher and a secondary school teacher in a school in Barcelona and has always combined her different jobs with dance classes.

Her training

Her specialty is urban dance (commonly called Hip Hop) and to develop as a dancer, she has trained with different professionals in the discipline; It is worth highlighting Maribel del Pino (Director of the Tribu Urbana Center and choreographer and actress in the movie “La Tribu”) from whom she received classes for years and with whom she has shared the stage with her company: Le Tribute.

She was also selected to audition for “Phenomenon”, a company directed by highly relevant American teachers such as Andye J, Candace Brown or Jeka Jane. He has also traveled to France, Poland and the United States where he has received classes from renowned choreographers such as Jblaze and CJ Salvador (Justin Bieber's Dancers), Tony Tzar (Choreographer for great artists such as Britney Spears and Jason Derulo,), Hollywood (choreographer for Beyoncé) or Denzel Chisolm among others.

His intention is to use corporal expression to educate. Combining his training with his experience, he intends to give Global Movement added value, promoting the values ​​that define the school's pedagogy: RESPECT, AUTONOMY and self-CONFIDENCE.

Andrea Latorre

Hip Hop

El siguiente curso 2023-2024 estará dando clases de YOUTH A , Hip Hop Avanzado y FREESTYLE.

Oscar González

Hip Hop

Shee Benito


Aida López

Hip Hop


Hip Hop

Sira Obradors y Anna Rosich son alumnas del nivel avanzado de la escuela y se están formando para ser profesoras en la escuela. Por ahora, comparten grupos con Sara, y crean coreografías ya de muy buen nivel. Trabajan la musicalidad con l@s alumn@s, la técnica y la memoria coreográfica. Dentro de poco las veremos con sus propios grupos.

Carlota Par

Hip Hop Contemporáneo/Fusión

Blanca Gutiérrez


Maria Ripoll


Martina Vergés

Hip Hop Pre-Kids

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