Educating through movement

Our Method

There are three values that guide coexistence at school.


The first being respect, it is transferred to the students through the initial training of each teacher so that they all follow the same line of work and the same limits are established for everyone. It is not necessary to be friends with everyone, but it is essential to respect each other so that the school is a place where everyone feels safe and comfortable. Global Movement's educational model is characterized by its constant desire for evolution and growth, not only for its students but for the entire school team.


The second value that represents us and that we promote from the earliest ages is autonomy. Little by little we are giving small responsibilities to all our students, so that they feel that they control their own growth and development, in this case, in the field of corporal expression, but knowing that it can be extrapolated to life itself, outside the dance.


The third value is the essence of the work of the Global Movement teachers. Every child or adolescent who joins the school should leave it with a better self-esteem than they had when they entered. By giving the classes, we guide everyone to find that security in themselves and that confidence that so often prevents us from achieving our goals. Feeling safe on stage or even in front of a mirror, in front of people, is a very high level of self-acceptance since it is not easy -and less so during adolescence- to see oneself moving , trying to have harmony in the movement, in public; Therefore, when you achieve this, you automatically pave the way for that same security, in life outside of dance school.

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